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Christian Venture Capital Consulting

We are seeking exceptional Christian owned companies who have over a $500k run rate and are in need of a minimum of $5M. Why? The answer is simple. Any company seeking capital with an excess of $500k in revenues has most likely accomplished a number of the following goals:
  • Successfully raised their initial startup and launched their company;
  • Successfully validated the market need for their products and services;
  • Established a real valuation that can be successfully defended;
  • Created a solid foundation for future growth.
Once a company has grown to this stature, they are usually beyond the need for angel investors. They now need access to capital markets via venture capital firms or hedge funds. Unfortunately, this is an area that is also commonly known as "vulture capital". Many entrepreneurs have lost complete control of the companies that they founded, due to their lack of knowledge and experience.  We can help you avoid this!
Where do Christian entrepreneurs go to find this capital? We have a number of contacts in this area. If you are a company in need of vital growth and ramp-up funding, contact us TODAY!


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