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Notice: We're currently stellar companies whereby the majority shareholders and management are Christians in need of funding.  If you know of such a company, either as an investor or shareholder,

please let us know by sending an email to info@Christianangelinvestors.com, Attn: Management. 

Every Christian, with the means to invest, has been given that "treasure" by God. It does, though, come with the added burden that He will hold you accountable as to how you steward His money. All we are asking is that you consider investing a small part of your investment capital with Christian entrepreneurs.







Why invest in Christian owned businesses?  There's a simple answer! Muslims support Muslims in business. It's actually against Sharia law for Muslims to charge interest for business loans! Jews support fellow Jews in business! We Christians don't even move the meter! Yes, there are millions of Christian accredited investors, but NOT ONE local Christian angel investor group ("For Christians, by Christians") or a Christian VC or Hedge fund (a real one!) in the USA. That is to our shame, for a so called "Christian nation"! Of course, the next question is - "Where do I find such companies?" Our website has attracted over 7500 Christian owned companies seeking funding. Of those, we've isolated a number that are VC fund quality investments and hundreds of companies that are great angel investments. The rest were companies that needed some work, be it with their basic business model, management skills or experience, lack of market validation, etc. Most of their problems were fixable, while others were not, due to basic flaws in their business model. In other words, we advised them, not to quit their day jobs or put a 2nd mortgage on their house. We're here to help the teachable and support Christians in business - period!

Be another Light for Christ in the business world!

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In the secular investment world, investors conduct a due diligence to determine the merits of any potential investment. Unfortunately, there are many flaws inherent in the process and "good" money can turn into "bad" money. Some of the recent failures on Wall Street and Silicon Valley have been spectacular. We have a surefire method of "due diligence" that beats anything that the "gurus" could come up with! One example is a life sciences company that was founded by a woman in her home. Later, she was offered $20 million for her company, by the Founder/CEO, of one of the biggest and most famous companies in the life sciences industry! Her products are now at Walmart, RiteAid and CVS. 

Investor Qualifications

All angel investors wanting to join our Network must be accredited.  Click here to see if you are a qualified investor according to the SEC: Qualifications

NEXT STEP: Complete our 

INVESTORS: DO YOU KNOW about IRS Section 1202 that allows investors a tax exemption up to 100% on gains from Founders Stock?

Excerpt from the IRS website:  Acquisition date of stock acquired after February 17, 2009.  When you are determining whether your exclusion is limited to 50%, 75%, or 100% of the gain from QSB stock, your acquisition date is considered to be the first day you held the stock (determined after applying the holding period rules in section 1223).

Reference: https://www.irs.gov/instructions/i1040sd (Hit Ctrl F to search for "100%")

Corporate Background

In addition to being the CEO of Christian Angel Investors, Las Vegas, NV, I'm also a Managing Director at Commonwealth Capital, a Christian managed Venture Capital firm in Chicago, IL. According to the Christian research organization Barna Group,  Las Vegas ("Sin City" ) has the highest number of Christian megachurches in the country! See Megachurches.


I came here in 2004, as a Media Consultant for a Christian TV Network who purchased a low power TV station. When the station was turned on, it provided local Christian programming on a 24/7 basis. The first in Las Vegas history. I stayed here because Las Vegas hosts more than 20,000 business conventions annually, which is more that any other city in the world. That means that we meet Christian businessmen and women almost every week who are part of our Network and are here for a convention. This is the business hub of the world! Most of our Team attends The Crossing Church, here in Las Vegas, which is well known for its impact on our international city. 

To find out more, contact me at bill@Christianangelinvestors.com.                     Bill Murray, CEO                                                                                                                                                                     Managing Director

                                                                                                                                       Commonwealth Capital

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Sample Company

 The Hydrogen Group, Inc.

 The Hydrogen Group, Inc. is about to revolutionize the trucking industry by substantially increasing MPG and reducing pollution in heavy-duty diesel trucks with its patent approved technology. The Hydrogen Group’s patent, Patent Number 10,180,119, was approved January 15, 2019 by the USP&TO.  An additional patent application was filed in January 2019. (Patent Pending Number 16/240.214)  

THG offers the following:

  • THG's innovative technology produces Hydrogen on the Go™ which is a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated as needed. It is a system and method of providing Hydrogen gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and is proven to significantly improve performance. It is also described as HHO on the Go™. No fuel station infrastructure is needed, unlike those needed for electric vehicles.

  • The heavy-duty trucking industry urgently needs help to improve it's MPG performance and reduce emissions pollution for their millions of diesel trucks, which haul 70% of the freight in the USA. 3.6 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks burn over 38 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move 10.5 billion tons of freight annually. This company’s invention will save the industry over 5.7 billion gallons of diesel fuel or $11,400,000,000 in fuel costs each year! This benefits EVERYONE, including investors, clients and the environment!


Here's the BEST part! THG will become a $1 Billion company when it captures just 2% of the current trucking industry's US market! Yes, a $1 BILLION company! You can review this company here: TheHydrogenGroup

Note: The information contained herein is provided solely for informational and discussion purposes only and is not, and may not be relied on in any manner as legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in any company that appears on this website. The information contained herein is not investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any specific security.  


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