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Introducing -

A New Kind

Of Startup Funding!

Do you need between $25,000 to $250,000, within the next 2 to 3 weeks?  

Introducing the NEW Startup Funding Solution!












Most companies that come to us are NOT ready for investors.  Just like on "Shark Tank", you can't offer investors 10% of your company for $100,000, when your total business isn't worth $100,000.  Is your company in the pre-investor stage? If you offer equity terms to an interested angel investor, but based upon an over-inflated company valuation, you will lose them ASAP! Believe us, you need money to first create Validation of your new product or service, which in turn creates Valuation for your company. This is what REAL investor's terms are based upon, but, what if you don't have such funds available? Don't worry, because we now offer an incredible solution! We're introducing a new and unique funding program designed specifically for startup and early-phase growth companies. Here's why this may very well be the BEST funding option for startup entrepreneurs in the world:

  • No Collateral or Co-signers are needed;

  • No Upfront Fees are required;

  • No Business Plan or Financial Statements are required;

  • Quick Approval – usually within 24 hours;

  • Quick Turn-around – normally only  2 to 3 weeks!


Here's other funding sources that we strongly advise you to avoid:

- Don’t use family or friend’s money, as you may lose it and create problems at home;

- Don’t use your home or other property for collateral, as you could lose them too;

- Don’t use your 401k/IRA, as that is your future nest egg or your children’s college education!

- Don't let early angel investors take too much equity, for too little cash!

Minimum QUALIFIERS to Begin:

  • Seeking a Minimum of $25,000;

  • Fully-Employed;

  • Have three FICO Scores over 650.


Who offers this type of funding?

This funding is offered by over 200 lenders, most of which are household names. Some you've heard of, but others you have never heard of. Some are Christian owned! Let the lenders say "Yes!", for once!

What if I don't qualify?

No problem! Maybe a business partner, spouse, or even an interested investor who is currently not liquid may qualify for our Unsecured Funding Program.

Is this type of funding advertised?

No, there are no major advertisements for this type of program to our knowledge.

Is there a fee for your services?

Yes, but we offer the lowest fees in the industry by far! You pay NOTHING until we have secured your funding! We also offer a military discount for veterans.

Why do lenders participate?

Lenders want you to have demonstrated proper money management before issuing personal unsecured credit. Later, as your company grows into a thriving business, they hope to provide the business services you'll need in the future. Your business may be the next Apple Computer!


"Christian Angel Investors found the perfect option to finance our start-up business. They were honest, professional and very supportive. They offer a unique funding option that did not require us to align with an angel investor who typically would want a large equity position and involvement with our operations. The funding was more than sufficient and rapidly obtained." - Bill D. ($106,300)

"I can't thank Bill and his team enough for the assistance and council when it wasn't required of them to do so! I would highly recommend Christian Angel Investors to anyone that is looking for help in that arena." - Devin K. ($180,500)

Find Out TODAY, whether YOU Qualify for this unique funding program!

Note: For US Citizens Only!
How much funding do YOU qualify for?
Total Funding Secured to Date:             $6,923,500
Note: For US Citizens Only!

We're Here to Help YOU Succeed!


Bill Murray offers "A New Kind Of Startup Funding"

From: MoneyTalk with Melanie

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