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Funding Tips

What is the difference between Christian angel investors and non-Believers?


The key difference is that one group is saved and will be in heaven for eternity, but they really both want the same thing. They want to give you a dollar today and for each dollar they give you, they expect a return of between $5 to $10 within 3 to 5 years. They also expect that you show them how they will exit from your business, with their money and profits to invest in their next target.

The second main difference is their motivation. Although some unsaved investors are motivated by greed, which is a sin, but most want to simply have a better life. They want a nicer home, car, vacations, college education for their children, better retirement, etc. That is not sinful and fuels capitalism. Capitalism raises the standard of living for billions in the free world. It also fuels the innovation created by entrepreneurs. In contrast, Christian investors that come to our Network understand that their “treasure” is not their own, but God’s. They understand that He has tasked them with the stewardship of His treasure and will hold them accountable for their stewardship. We all know what happened to the slave who buried the Masters money in the Parable of the Talents (Mt 25: 14-30). We also know that the Master rewarded the slave who had tripled his money by giving him a large reward and stating, “Well done good and faithful servant.” That is what our Christian angel investors want to hear one day.

Have you validated your business model?

We suggest that you watch a few episodes of the “Shark Tank”. The companies that find funding there have two things in common:

  1. They offer reasonable terms to investors, by not over-valuating their business.

  2. They have validated their business model by demonstrating measurable progress, such as sales, subscribers, purchase orders, patent awards, etc.

Remember, validation equals valuation! If you have sales or business assets, your business has real value. This value is now the basis for the terms that you offer angel investors. If your terms are reasonable, angel investors will respect you.

What do Christian angel investors want?

First, they want to see that you are extremely committed to making your business successful.  This means that you firmly believe that God wants you to create this business. Investors won’t give you a nickel if they sense that you’re only half-serious or in other words – “half-cocked” about starting your business.

How do I demonstrate this commitment?

You do it by putting “skin in the game”. Way too many people come to us asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars, without first spending their own money to get started. They expect strangers to fund their dreams and take ALL of the risks involved. Such people will never find funding here or anywhere else and their best bet is to “rob” family and friends.  Our advice is simple – Spend Your Own Money First – to start your business! This will demonstrate both commitment and drive!

Where can I find start-up capital?

We have an answer for you – here! We know of no better place to find this crucial funding to get your business launched. Your first step is to find out whether you qualify for our unique alternative funding program. Click below to start.

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